LOPRIN TABLET Aspirin:75mg

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  • LOPRIN TABLET Aspirin:75mg
  • LOPRIN TABLET Aspirin:75mg
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Product Description

Aspirin is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). It has anti-infalammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and antithrombotic activity. It interferes with prostaglandin synthesis by irreversibly inhibiting cyclooxygenase. It was synthesized in 1853, but the drug was not in use until 1899, when it was found to be effective in the arthritis and well tolerated. The name it was coined from the German word for the compound, acetylspirsaure. Because of its greater efficacy and lower cost, it rapidly replaced the natural products in use at that time, and has remained one the most widely employed remedies for over 90 years.


Enteric Coated Aspirin


LOPRIN (Enteric Coated Aspirin) is indicated wherever high and prolonged dosage of Aspirin is required. The special enteric coating resists dissolution in gastric juice, but will dissolve readily in the relatively less acidic environment of the duodenum, avoiding gastric irritation.


LOPRIN 75/150 mg tablets. Each enteric coated tablet contains Aspirin B.P. 75 /150 mg.


Inhibition of platelet aggregation in order to reduce the risk of IHD (ischemic heart disease) in patients who have had a previous history of IHD and to reduce risk of recurrent transient ischemic attacks or stroke in the patient who have had transient ischemia of the brain due to fibrin platelet emboli. Aspirin is also indicated to reduce the risk of graft occlusion following aortic coronary by-pass surgery.


One tablet of LOPRIN (Enteric Coated Aspirin) 75 mg or one tablet of LOPRIN (Enteric Coated aspirin) 150 mg per day or as directed by the doctor, preferably at the same time each day.


Should not be administered to patient with hemorrhagic disorders, with gout, or those with intolerance to aspirin. Use with caution in patient with impaired renal or hepatic function. Aspirin should not be taken by patient having hypoprothrombinemia, hemopohilia, and active peptic ulceration.


Salicylates should be used with caution in patients with history of peptic ulceration or coagulation abnormalities. They may also induce gastrointestinal hemorrhage, occasionally major. In large doses salicylates may also decrease insulin requirements.


LOPRIN 75mg and 150 mg enteric coated tablets; blister pack of 30 tablets.


Aspirin should be used in pregnancy only when prescribed by a doctor. Nursing mothers, however, should not use aspirin.

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